There are many great recycling companies that will take your electronics and keep them out of landfills. But with Think Reuse, electronics that would have sat in a landfill polluting are instead converted into items that protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life. Thanks to our Partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Here are the David Suzuki Foundations top goals. Your unwanted electronics are fighting for us:

Protecting our climate — research and provide clean energy solutions and information on energy conservation to ensure Canada does its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid dangerous climate change.

Create livable communities — assist urban centres in Canada to protect green and blue spaces and promote transit-oriented development and pedestrian- and cycle-friendly transportation options.

Establish environmental rights and justice — work with citizens, constitutional experts and lawmakers to ensure that Canadians enjoy the right to live in a healthy environment.

Transform the economy — help secure Canadians’ high quality of life within the finite limits of nature through efficient resource use.

Connect with nature — assist Canadians, especially youth, to learn about their dependence on a healthy environment and the benefits of time in nature through outdoor education and opportunities.

Build community — engage Canadians to live healthy, fulfilled and just lives with tips on building Earth-friendly infrastructure, making smart energy choices, using efficient transportation and being mindful of the products, food and water we use.

We designate electronics for fundraising and 30% of the Funds raised go directly to the David Suzuki Foundation.