To make electronics recycling easy. Just leave it on your doorstep and we will do the rest. We don’t want there to be electronics entering the landfill. Electronics are extremely reusable. Especially when they can be refurbished, repaired, recycled. By focusing on reuse we can take an unwanted electronic item and reassign it to someone who is currently looking for it. Sometimes this means students, companies, non profits, seniors. Everyone uses electronics and we want to offer a moneyless way of obtaining them. And when people are done with these items, they become unwanted electronics which will enter our system and we will donate them once again.

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiasts. We love electronics and the idea of passing things along to the next user. We love nature, science, community, and believe in the ideas behind a resource based economy. Think Reuse was formed in October 2016.  We are an Alberta based non-profit electronics recycling company.  We are proud that we are able to donate 80% of the items we receive.

Where does everything go?


Reusable electronics will be passed along to a new user. There is a stunning abundance of unwanted electronics housed with companies and individuals. We offer a moneyless way of re-distributing these resources. People that need an electronic device will be given one. This way we can extend the life of electronic devices by finding them new homes and keeping them out of landfills. Remember this startling statistic. “E-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste.” Slade, Giles. “iWaste.” Mother Jones, 2007. Web Accessed April 11, 2015.

Raw Materials.

Items that can’t be brought back to life will be carefully dismantled and separated into metal, glass, plastic, and turned into raw materials for production of new goods. This is accomplished by our partner Greentec or other Alberta based electronics recyclers.  Greentec is ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, R2 and NAID Certified.

Data Destruction

Hard drives will always be erased with proprietary software that meets D.O.D standards. That’s department of defense 522.22M standards. Certificate of destruction available if requested.