Our new rewards program is a fantastic way for you to get free electronics in exchange for helping our overworked team fix computers, laptops, phones. This will lighten the load on our team and reduce wait times for individuals and non profit companies that are waiting for electronics on our donor list.

You can work from the comfort of your own home. Our driver will drop off the items needing repairs. Once your finished we will pick everything up. Click the images below to see the currently active projects.



  1. I like to get a working phone or lap top or ipad. If I can learn how to repair it will be wonderful.

  2. Hello. I have the ability to diagnose and repair computers, tablets, cell phones, AV equipment. I have a lots of experience diagnosing and dealing with software issues as well. I am a firm believer in recycling and renewing and reusing what we already have. I would love to put my skills to use helping your organisation.

    1. Have you also contacted us by email? Regarding AV equipment can you fix tape players, beta max, dvd players, vhs, etc?

      1. Yes, I am able to repair those items. I am strongest with computers, tablets, cell phones, and newer electronics, but I have repaired VCR’s, DVD etc..

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