Our new rewards program is a fantastic way for you to get free electronics in exchange for volunteering. This will reduce wait times for individuals and non profit companies that are waiting for electronics on our donor list.

TV Parting : Get a free LCD/LED/Plasma TV.

We need a tech that can remove components from lcd tv’s with broken screens. The following parts should be removed from 3 tv’s to receive a free non working TV.  We will supply you with free parts to fix the non working tv. We will drop off and pickup the tv’s.

– Power Board
– T-con Board
– EMI Filter board
– Inverter Board
– MainBoard
– Jackpack
– Side Key Panel/Power Control/Remote Receiver Unit (IR/LED
– Left Speaker
– Right Speaker
– LCD panel
– LVDS cable

Free Laptop & Computers.

Fix 5 computers or laptops and you can keep one of them. You can work from the comfort of your own home. Our driver will drop off the items needing repairs. Once your finished we will pick everything up. Or you can come to our office to work.


Send us a message on facebook or email at recycle@thinkreuse.net. If your already working with us via another rewards program or just generally volunteering, your not disqualified from this project. We can provide you with a reference for your resume.